Niche pour Chat Interieur - Logis4cat™
Niche pour Chat Interieur - Logis4cat™
Niche pour Chat Interieur - Logis4cat™
Niche pour Chat Interieur - Logis4cat™
Niche pour Chat Interieur - Logis4cat™
Niche pour Chat Interieur - Logis4cat™
Niche pour Chat Interieur - Logis4cat™
Niche pour Chat Interieur - Logis4cat™

Indoor Cat Kennel - Logis4cat™

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Indoor Cat Kennel - Logis4cat™ – Discovery and Characteristics

Discover the Indoor Cat Kennel - Logis4cat™ , an essential accessory that combines style and functionality.

Main Characteristics of Indoor Cat Kennels - Logis4cat™

  • Are you sad to see your cat wandering all over the house to find the perfect place to rest peacefully? Do you know why cats need a roof, a shelter? Perhaps to find the tranquility they really need? Take a moment and imagine being able to... PROVIDE HIM Its own roof, aesthetic and warm at the same time. This ideal shelter will allow your friendly feline to have its own dedicated, peaceful space. CREATE HIM An even more comfortable space, its soft cocoon where you can relax. Don't forget to choose the ideal location for this pretty niche, it's fundamental:) Cats love heat and prefer to choose the warmest places near them to sleep or doze off, for example in the sun, or sheltered under this very beautiful kennel... THE INDOOR CAT HOUSE YOU NEED! LOGIS4CAT™, RELIEF FROM ANXIETY A cat moves her kittens for several reasons; mainly in the context of their education. In fact, the cat chooses its first nest to give birth; it must be cozy, relaxing and reassuring for her and her offspring. This magnificent kennel resembles a house with a high roof, equipped with a restricted entrance, which will allow cats to slip in and hide in this small home. LOGIS4CAT™, IDEAL FOR YOUR WELL-BEING If he likes to hide at the back of the wardrobe, lying on top of your clothes, a kennel equipped with a soft bed to rest on would be more suitable. He will be able to snuggle up in this particularly soothing nest, and thanks to the well-padded cushion placed at the bottom, lounge there without being disturbed. LOGIS4CAT™, IDEAL FOR YOUR HEALTH Cats do not like to sleep in places that are too cool, they need to maintain their body temperature at a high level while sleeping. Even if this niche is shaped like an igloo, it will be the perfect place to find all the warmth necessary for their good health! QUALITY MATERIALS Unique design: wonderful concept with adorable cat ears, very cute Multifunctional design: you can transform this cozy nest into a flat bed Origin CN (Origin) Material: 100% cotton Feature: breathable and durable material; designed to last
  • Very good stitching. Easy cleaning: Machine washable; tumble dry (on delicate) THE IDEAL & SUITABLE SIZE FOR ALL YOUR CATS We offer LOGIS4CAT™ in XL size (40x40 cm) A perfect kennel for your cat to feel safe... Additional Information . Product delivery: 9 to 15 working days Quality First We carefully choose materials to ensure the well-being of your pet. You only want your cat's comfort and happiness! Logis4Cat™ for Cats is the ideal resting place! Our advantages ✅ 100% Satisfied or Refunded ✅ Tracked Postal Delivery & Guarantee ✅ This item is not sold in stores ✅ Ultra-secure site and payment

The Quality and Elegance of Indoor Cat Kennels - Logis4cat™

This product has been carefully designed to ensure superior quality, adding a touch of elegance to your everyday life.

Discover our Indoor Cat Kennel - Logis4cat™, a perfect choice for animal lovers. Carefully designed, our product combines functionality and style to provide an exceptional experience for your companion.

This product stands out for its superior quality, guaranteeing durability and comfort. Don't wait any longer to offer the best to your pet.

Features :

  • High manufacturing quality
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Optimal comfort for your pet
  • Easy to use and maintain

Browse our selection and find the perfect product for your faithful companion. Buy now and enjoy fast delivery!

We deliver within 4 to 10 working days in mainland France. Shipping is free on all orders!

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